Interior stylist Christine Rudolph produces work that is very tactile and story-like, her aesthetic is quite cozy with lots of the great outdoors brought in to style spaces, along with gorgeous chalky and smoky hues like charcoal and hazy blue, watering greens -  a palette that she doesn’t often stir away from…' for me the all natural tones are color, i see so much color in a grey day'

Christine Rudolph’s career has taken her to some of the most beautiful and inspirational places in the world. She brings with her to every new location or challenge, an artist’s sense of colour, eye for detail, and curiosity for the undocumented and undiscovered. Her sought after style is purely personal and inspired by the smallest details or an indescribable impression. She has the rare ability to add details that invite the viewer to what see what she sees. Christine has had the opportunity to work with some of the best photographers in the field and always brings a distinctive vision to every project

Her projects varies from prop styling, art direction, interior design & set design etc. She often collaborate with Photographers she has a personal and very strong relationships…together they produce unique and sort after images.

Christine Rudolph is original from Denmark, lived in Melbourne Australia for several years and then NYC now she divide her time between various destinations in Europe and NYC  - but call now again her home - Copenhagen...

‘My styling is an expression on my thoughts, how i see things, how i would like things to be, a world that sometimes only exist through the camera eye... but that hopefully will inspire, move and reach the viewers.  I believe that elegance comes from the heart not the pocket!  My approach to styling - its a way of seeking the essentials, seeking an untold story, a movement of the wind….'